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HRTLND (formerly Heartland Companies) approaches every acoustical finishes job with a perspective that combines our decades of experience with an eye for detail and a passion for high-quality products that get the job done. Sound mitigation is at the core of why anyone needs commercial acoustical finishing work done but what sets us apart is our dedication to our clients and ensuring we match the finished product to their vision.

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Acoustic Ceilings,
Wall Panels & Baffles

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Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic drop ceilings are one of the tried and true solutions to absorb sound in any commercial building, office setting, or large space. Whether you are looking to take a more decorative approach or stick to a standard commercial drop ceiling, our finishing professionals can take care of the installation process from start to finish.
The Services We Provide:

Decorative Acoustic Ceilings
Suspended Drop Ceilings

Acoustic Wall Panels

In the age of open-plan offices, flexible co-working spaces, and a drive to repurpose commercial spaces, wall panels are becoming a staple requirement for new and old construction. With an eye on innovation, we utilize the technology of our wall planks to provide sound absorption and mitigation needs. We can source the product to spec, install and deliver the aesthetic you’re looking for.
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The Services We Provide:

Installation & Product Sourcing
Noise Mitigation Consultation

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Acoustic Baffles

If you are looking for a sleek and modern approach to doubling your NRC rating within a specific commercial building space, acoustic ceiling baffles could be a great solution. Our finishing expertise in acoustic ceiling installation and high-quality product integration can offer a wide range of custom-engineered shapes, styles, fabrics, and colors with the option of cable suspension or direct mounting to a suspended ceiling grid.
The Services We Provide:

Installation & Product Sourcing
Noise Mitigation Consultation


Driving Innovation In Commercial Acoustic Finishes Since 2002

Our Expertise / Pushing innovation in the acoustical finishes industry doesn’t take much when you consider how dedicated our manufacturers are to their craft and the exponential increase in awareness and demand for increased NRC ratings in commercial buildings. That is why we turn to the finishing experts we proudly employ to solve for some of the most beautiful architectural solutions we have had the privelage to be a part of creating.
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Wall Panels & Ceilings

This is where our professionals get to really flex their skills and abilities. Regardless of the difficulty of integration or construction, HRTLND’s team is dedicated to completing the client’s vision to ensure each specialty wall panel or ceiling project is completed on time, on budget, and on spec.
The Services We Provide:

Acoustic Wood Wall Panels
Linear, Perforated & Pan Metal Ceilings
Security Ceilings
Curved Ceilings
Acoustic Ceiling Clouds


We Approach Every Project With A Sense Of Pride.

Our past projects can be found at MORTARR.COM

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