Our Approach

Providing quality service and customer-specific solutions defines how we operate our Door & Frame Division. Our commercial metal door and frame services in Des Moines offer customers a full-service shop to delivering commercial door and frame solutions. Our craftsmen can fabricate a one-off – very specific – new door and frame to match your existing needs or can quickly process a stock door and frame to help accelerate the completion of your project. No job is too large or too small.

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Hollow Metal Doors, Frames & Fabrication

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Hollow Metal Door Services

Our hollow metal doors services in Iowa include providing a variety of hollow metal door types and the customization needed to meet your project requirements. Our full-service shop offers customized hollow metal door painting, delivery, and metal door installation on-site to efficiently deliver a complete service.

Metal Door Fabrication & Frames

We specialize in providing hollow metal door frames for most commercial construction projects – precast, poured concrete, masonry, steel stud, and wood stud wall types. We can match precise jamb depths, profiles, sizes, and any prefinished painting requests a project needs on time and on budget. We will work to meet your schedule and share delivery information early in the process so you can plan your project well.
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Metal Door Glass & Window Glazing Services

We stock a variety of door vision kits with both safety glass and insulated glass. We can also provide glass with specific sizes, and fire-rated glass for rated openings. We are happy to furnish and pre-install glass in any wood or hollow metal doors we provide.
HRTLND’s (formerly Heartland Companies) full-service shop can handle the pre-installation of hardware on any of the hollow metal or wood doors we provide to our customers. We specialize in providing true “pre-hung” metal door and frame systems so installers don’t need to be door “experts” to get the final product installed. We can also provide the labeling, shipping and delivery services our customers need to ensure their products arrive to their job site in great condition and in a timely manner.


Keeping Stock With The Products You Need To Get The Job Done

Door & Frame Inventory / Customer service is at the core of what drives the hollow metal door and frame services we provide. We always ensure we approach every project as if it were ours and recommend the best value products available. We’ve built our shop specifically to provide quality products in a timely manner for our customers to ensure their projects are a success.
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The Hardware Shop

We stock a variety of door hardware components including locks, closers, exit devices, kick plates, vison kits, thresholds, weather stripping, door sweeps, and drip caps, along with other typical door hardware products for commercial building projects. We can also order in almost any brand-specific hardware you may need for your project, and we install too!


We Approach Every Project With A Sense Of Pride.

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