Our Approach

Our craftsmen can handle all of your existing and new construction needs. From machining door slabs with hinges and lock preps to cutting in new vision kits or louvers to cutting down a door in width and re-railing the edge.

All wood doors, frames, and hardware can be purchased through us and delivered when desired.

Graphic image of wood grain on Heartland Companies Wood Doors Frames Page


Wood Doors, Frames
& Prefinishing

Example of a barn style door done by Heartland Companies

Commercial Wood Doors & Frames

Our commercial wood doors can be provided with hollow metal frames, wooden door frames, and even customized or standard pre-hung wood frame systems. We provide a variety of different manufactured wood doors in whatever size or wood species our customers are looking for. Our full-service shop can customize anything you need to spec and handle delivery and installation on-site if the customer would like to utilize these services.

Finishing Services

Our wooden doors can be provided with any standard or custom pre-finish solution our customers desire. Our full-service shop professionals can even visit your existing building to match specific wood stain colors or provide painting solutions on the job site. Any wood door or frame can be stained or painted prior to delivery as an added option for our customers.
Heartland Companies painting a wood frame with a paint brush

HRTLND’s (formerly Heartland Companies) full-service shop can handle the pre-installation of hardware on any of the hollow metal or wood doors we provide to our customers. We specialize in providing true “pre-hung” door and frame systems that can incorporate either metal or wood frames into the systems. We can also provide the labeling, shipping, and delivery services our customers need to ensure their products arrive to their job site in great condition and in a timely manner.


Keeping Stock With The Products You Need To Get The Job Done

Wood Doors & Frames Inventory / Customer service
is at the core of what drives the wood door and frame services we provide. We always ensure we approach every project as if it were ours and recommend the best value products available. We’ve built our shop specifically to provide quality products in a timely manner for our customers to ensure their projects are a success.
Image of Heartland Companie's Hardware Shop

The Hardware Shop

We stock a variety of door hardware components including locks, closers, exit devices, kick plates, vison kits, thresholds, weather stripping, door sweeps, and drip caps, along with other typical door hardware products for commercial projects. We can also order in almost any brand-specific hardware you may need for your project, and we install too!


We Approach Every Project With A Sense Of Pride.

Our past projects can be found at MORTARR.COM

Heartland Companies past projects can be found at MORTARR.COM image link
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