Regular Window
Treatment Maintenance
& Product Repair

HRTLND’s (Formerly Heartland Companies) Window Treatments Division is responsible for but not limited to:

  • Window Blind Repairs
  • Manual Window Roller Shade Repair
  • Motorized Window Roller Shade Repair
  • Window Blind Replacement
  • Manual Window Roller Shade Replacement
  • Motorized Window Roller Shade Replacement

Our team also identifies broken window blinds, shades, and shutters, including issues surrounding raise, lower and tilt mechanisms. We can repair or replace any treatments provided by HRTLND.

Our efforts are not limited to repair and replacement services only. HRTLND also offers any painting and remodeling services needed after or during the removal of window treatments. We also include the storage, repair, and installation upon completion of your commercial project.

We advise that you get in contact with a window treatments project manager as soon as possible if you would like more specific information regarding your situation.

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