Our Approach

In the world of pre-fabricated construction, it takes more than just a gimmick or clever sales model to deliver effective solutions. It takes the tenacity and dedication a company can only provide through adopting it as a state of mind. HRTLND’s (formerly Heartland Companies) prefab wall panels and modular drywall products are intentionally crafted to adapt and integrate seamlessly with project requirements and the professional knowledge, expertise, and craftsmanship needed to get the job done.

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Exterior Wall Panels
& Drywall Shapes

Prefabricated Wall Panels

Prefabricated wall panels are sections of building material, which are constructed indoors using advanced machine technology. HRTLND collaborates with prefabrication manufacturers to create custom wall panels. The panels are manufactured following specific standards, which improve the durability and longevity of the wall. 
Not only are prefabricated panels an efficient resource, they can reduce the need for additional measurement and building time. Prefabricated wall panels can also eliminate waste and clean-up costs, compared to traditional building methods. Considering their time efficiency, cost-savings, low waste, and customization options, prefabricated construction is a popular choice for many builders. 

Image of Heartland Companies employee Installation of prefabricated panels for external walls

Our Process

Our prefabricated wall panels are designed with our client’s best interest and an accelerated project completion date in mind. Our experience in developing for the commercial building envelope with an all-encompassing panel system includes a variety of applied barriers, rainscreen systems, and the framing required to have the building ready for the next stage at a fraction of the time.

HRTLND’S Prefab State of Mind


The following video gives you a window into witnessing how our prefab wall panels work and how you could utilize it for your next commercial project. It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to implement this solution for Iowa State University and the Gerdin Business Building.


Modular Drywall Shapes

Our modular drywall and prefab wall panel solutions don’t stop at product supply, delivery and installation. We have invested in a decorative pre-fab solution that gives us the ability to manipulate the structure of drywall to our will. This process allows us to pre-fab any shape, size or structure our clients need to finish and install the vision required.
Image of Modular Drywall Shapes done by Heartland Companies
The Services We Provide:

Customized Decorative Construction
Installation & Consultation

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