Our Approach

Providing quality service and customer-specific solutions defines how we operate our Door & Frame Division. We offer a variety of security systems services including new keying, re-keying, and general locksmith for new and existing doors. These services are available for hollow metal doors as well as wooded door assemblies.

Whether your commercial door installation project is a public building, warehouse, or multi-family apartment, we can handle any locksmith or keying services you need.

HRTLND (formerly Heartland Companies) offers a number of high-quality security solutions such as lock hardware, keys, knob sets, and more. Our company provides a range of locksmith services such as lock repair, lock installation, and rekeying.

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Custom Locksmithing
Assembly & Keying

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Locksmithing Services

Do you need new door hardware provided and installed? If a door doesn’t shut like it used to and needs to be replaced after a few too many rough openings, we can help! We stock and have access to a large variety of door hardware products to give your building a fresh start to doors that need to function like new. Whether your commercial door hardware needs are large or small, we can handle the job.

Keying Services

Need your new building keyed up, or an existing building re-keyed to a new system for updated door security? We stock a large variety of key systems and components to solve any keying problems that may arise. Whether you are keying a new building or an existing building, we can provide the services you need to stay safe and secure.
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When You Need Any Locksmith Services, Trust HRTLND

At HRTLND, we take pride in expert, dedicated services from concept to completion. When you need to rekey a lock (or several locks), we can help. When you need brand new door hardware for one door or a hundred, we can help. Locksmithing is just one of the many services we provide. We can also assist with any of your keying needs including:

  • Existing doorknobs
  • Front entry doors
  • Steel doors
  • Metal doors
  • Wood doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Left-hand inswing doors
  • Interior doors
  • Exterior doors
Our comprehensive services can handle any of your commercial building project needs. We are committed to providing products that are as outstanding as our customer service. We look forward to working with you!