Plastic Wall Panels, Wall Protection & Tate Access Flooring

Interior Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Wall Panels

Heartland can handle the product sourcing, construction and installation of many commercial interior FRP wall panels found throughout restaurants, food processing plants, cleanrooms, healthcare facilities, schools, or commercial spaces where surface durability and high performance are required.
The Services We Provide:

Product Sourcing
Construction & Installation

Wall Protection

Whether you are looking to protect your finished walls from chairs, swinging doors or a variety of other uncontrollable impacts, Heartland’s field team can provide and install the solutions you need. We offer corner guards, handrails, wall guards, chair rails, wall bases and a variety of other wall protection systems to ensure your finished walls stay beautiful.
The Services We Provide:

Product Sourcing & Consultation
Construction & Installation


Maximizing The Potential Of Your Indoor Space

Heartland is a proud supplier of Tate Access Flooring Systems. Through the technology of Tate’s products, we are able to offer solutions for a variety of needs including: the maintenance of high-quality clean air, personal comfort control, attenuation of noise, organizational and technological change mitigation, and the improvement of the overall aesthetic value your building – all while being cost-effective in both construction and operation.


We Approach Every Project With A Sense Of Pride.

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